Echo Ho

Echo Ho is a PhD candidate researcher at the Tangible Music Lab, a Beijing-born, Cologne-based artist, experimental composer and audio-visual performer with a nomadic soul.  zo-on slows is her musical alias,  before revealing herself as an ‘adventurous musician,’ she reimagined the traditional Chinese seven strings wooden Gu Qin into a hybrid plexiglass Slow Qin. Inspired by both historically informed performance and nightly club psychedelic vibes. Between strict structure and improvisation, zo-on slows unfolds textural, incidental, emotional and hypnotic music – a reincarnated journey to be woven into an onomatopoeically distorted chant, poetically strange and “un-homely world” of her personal sound process.  Between 2011 and 2013 Ho was a Fellow at the Interdisciplinary Graduate School for Arts and Sciences at the Berlin University of the Arts.  From 2007 – 2014 Ho worked as part of the artistic and scientific staff at The Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. Ho’s works have been performed or presented at the He Xiangning Art Museum Shenzhen, Center-A Vancouver, ISEA 2010 Germany, ZKM Karlsruhe, among others.

In her PhD Project, Ho will take the ‘Slow Qin’ concept further, investigating how to transpose the practice and meaning of the “fingering and gesture tablature” in the ancient Gu Qin tradition into the modern instrument-making context, fostering a new approach to gesture-based composition and performance and focusing on tangibility within post-digital musical practice.